Reese Construction - Watch out! Not responsible when problems come!

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Watch out! Not responsible when problems come!

Fl License CBC 1250905

Reese Contraction Corporation

Luis Cuadra President

Reese Construction Corporation repaired my roof leaking on May 2012. Contract said remove 2SQ of roofing, repair as required and warranty for 5 years.

Reese Contraction only remove few tiles under 10sf (not 200sf) and repair complete in 2 hours. I paid $1,875.00

I never check for leak since then.

Recently, I hear water drop in attic, I found out leak still there, I send him a video, photos showed water pour in to attic. I change ways to contact him in many times and finally he came after 1 month waiting.

Water still runs into attic at the same in original place after repaired.

I call back, he excuse this, that and said my roof is old (13 years) need to replace. He offer me replace a section!?

I don't think so!

Never deal with this firm.

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You are correct, Luis also had Costa Azul company, he is a scam artist. Charges for minor work not done correctly are priced as major work done correctly.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #997181

Client was told he NEEDED re roof Reese CC ACTUALLY gave Owner report on entire roof. The Repair for $1800+- was complete and no problems for over a year. We went Again and attempted Repair, unfortunatly it would need entire área re roofed as advised to him.we have never dealt w client so not understanding of issues.

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